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Cha Da Cup with KayRay

Jul 24, 2018

It's Wedding SZN! And although many of our listeners are probably getting ready for weddings every weekend this summer, we shared our thoughts on healthy / unhealthy partnerships, why being a wife isn't for everyone and what it's like for brown girls to challenge these traditions.

This special episode, we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Brown Girl Magazine (@browngirlmag) with the team: CEO Trisha Sakhuja-Walia, influencer / digital marketing professional Nehal Mehra, mental health advocate Jessie Brar and writer and editor Sandeep Panesar. Brown Girl Magazine is a digital stomping ground for south asians to challenge traditions and embrace feminism.


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Jessie Brar: @themhspotlight // @jessieebrar
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Wedding SZN Pros and Cons ft. BrownGirlMag