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Cha Da Cup with KayRay

Feb 19, 2018

Rakhi Mutta was raised by her social activist parents in Toronto. Best known for her work with the hit web-series, Anarkali, which stars the one only, ahem (Kiran Rai also the person that is speaking into your ears right now), Rakhi is a force to be reckoned with. After working in community development for over 14 years internationally with high risk communities such as Dalits, Child Soldiers and Victims of Violence - Rakhi turned to storytelling. As an artist Rakhi has found film and photography as an opportunity to highlight many different issues across the globe, in particular women’s rights and youth issues. Her youtube channel, MsMutta has garnered 5 million views with works including the short film Haneri, the viral video, Punjabi Mime Through Time and two seasons of Anarkali. This week, we talk to the powerhouse about the worst dating stories, why it’s important to tell stories of the diaspora and what you all have been waiting for - the latest update on Anarkali Season 3!

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