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Cha Da Cup with KayRay

Jan 22, 2018

In this week's episode, we feature visual artist, vocalist and architect -  Keerat Kaur. As an avid student of the Dhrupad style of singing in Indian Classical music, Keerat has incorporated this training to create and record her own distinct sound of electro-jazz. Her visual work focuses on illuminating indic poetics and philosophies by meshing techniques of South-Asian miniatures and photo-surrealist painting. Throughout her architectural career and education, Keerat’s prime focus has been exploring ways in which the use of form can blend heritage with modernity. This week, Kiran sits down with one of her closest friends to discuss the importance of connecting with our elders, "conspiracy theories" and what it means to be a multi-media female artist in the digital world. 
insta // twitter: @kay__ray
snapchat: @kiranrai 
insta // twitter: @_keeratkaur